In my English lesson I had the task to represent derogatory stereotypes which prevent us from expressing ourselves. Furthermore we were supposed to name an example where in the school area we would present it.

Altough we seem to live in a society with great diversity many people hide themselves or they are shamed for who they really are. I drew three pictures to express an example of those stereotypes.

big people`s prejudice

Tall people often get asked if they play basketball only because of their height. Maybe they do, but in the most cases it’s irritating and nobody can choose their height. It is a typical stereotype and standard sentence. I would hang this poster into the gym because it’s related to the sports topic.

prejudice about Asian people

Another annoying stereotype is that Asian people eat animals like cats or dogs. In fact, the majority of their society wouldn’t eat them. In my opinion, this poster would fit well into the cafeteria.

prejudice about blonde people

The sentence „Blonde people are stupid.“ mostly gets used by non-blonde human beings. It’s similar to the stereotype that blonde people won’t be able to get a good graduation. The colour of your hair doesn’t express your intelligence or knowledge. I would hang this poster in the hallway or in a specific classroom.

Written by: KF.